Promotional T-Shirts Make A Fashion Statement

Custom printed t-shirts have been a fashion staple since the late sixties and early seventies when you could walk into a mall and order yourself a t-shirt printed with your choice of words or t-shirt transfer. Even before that, many companies found that promotional t-shirts could turn them into small-town heroes – when they were worn on the backs of a winning (or losing) youth football team. These days, the promotional t-shirt has come full circle to become a fashion brand statement. It’s become one of the hottest promotional items that a company can give away, and hundreds of promotional t-shirts are given away every week as prizes in contests, incentives for employees and thank your to customers.

Promotional clothing is a popular way to solidify a corporate image. Businessmen wear branded polo shirts on the golf course. Young folks sport fleece jackets embroidered with the logos of their favorite products and companies. Sportswear manufacturers proudly blazon their logos and labels across the fronts and backs of their products instead of decently tucking them into the collar of the shirt or the waistband of the pants. These days, it’s fashionable to wear the products that you like on your chest or your sleeve.

So what should you look for if you want to use custom printed t-shirts to promote your business? There are a number of things to take into consideration when choosing promotional t-shirts for your business.

  1. Your budget Needless to say, your budget is going to be an important factor in deciding what type of t-shirt you’re buying. The printing process is important as well, and whether you use original art, design your t-shirt in house or opt for a professional designer and how many colors you use in the printing process. All of those things will affect the final cost of your t-shirts.
  2. Quality T-shirts are available in a wide range of qualities. The higher the quality, the more durable your message will be. If you want to get some real mileage out of your promotional t-shirts, opt for the best quality that you can afford. They’ll not only last longer, they’ll be in demand as desirable products of their own. That can only help your name recognition. More than one company has found that marketing their own promotional t-shirts is a profitable sideline to their main business.
  3. Style T-shirts are not just t-shirts anymore. There are standard t-shirts, ring collar t-shirts, women’s cut t-shirts and US inspired baseball t-shirts with contrast color sleeves – and that’s just to name a few. The style that you choose for your promotional t-shirts can have a big effect on their popularity. These days, most people prefer a more fitted, tailored style to the traditional boxy, oversize look favored a few years ago.
  4. Logo or artwork design Obviously, one of the major determinants of how well your promotional t-shirts are received will be the quality of the logo design or artwork. If you intend for your t-shirts to be more than just giveaway gifts to attract attention at a conference or event, you might do well to take advantage of the expertise offered by many of the companies online. Most companies that offer promotional t-shirts will be happy to help you create artwork that translates well to a t-shirt.