Veterinary Clinic Logo Design

If you are going into business as a veterinarian and looking at opening your first clinic then a logo design should be high on your list of priorities.A logo is important for a veterinary clinic as it gives it an identity that separates it from all the other vets operating in the same market area.

A professional veterinary logo also helps to develop a brand for a clinic over the years as the goodwill that it builds up in the community increases.

Let’s take a look at how typical veterinary clinic logos are made up and some of the common images that are used on them. This will hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration for communicating with your designer when the time comes.

Conveying the Right Image

A logo can be used to encourage people to respond favorably to your signage and advertising. However, to be successful in this respect it must be professional looking and it must send out the right message. It is important that you project an image that shows the value that your business places on the health and wellbeing of animals and their care and treatment.

Your logo may even help to clarify exactly what veterinary niche you are in if you are specializing. And if you target a certain type of client then your logo may be especially designed to reach out to this specific group of people.

Common Images on Veterinary Clinic Logos

While it is perfectly acceptable to have a basic text logo highlighting only the business name, many vets go for logo designs that also feature an image or symbol relating to animals. The main purpose here is to grab the viewers attention and help them to quickly identify the logo in question as one belonging to a veterinarian.

Veterinarians do have their own symbol which is known as the veterinarian’s caduceus. This symbol is commonly used in veterinary school logos and is also adopted by a small percentage of vets as a part of their logo designs as well. While this does add a nice professional touch most of your customers will not recognize this symbol for what it is anyway so it is questionable whether it is worth including.

In some parts of the world a green cross symbol can be used to identify a veterinary clinic. Some vets even incorporate a red cross into their logo design as well although this does seem a little misleading.

More likely, veterinarians will go for logos featuring relevant animals in some way. These can be done in an animated style giving the appearance of a clinic mascot. They can also be done in a more abstract way by using shapes or silhouettes of animals. A paw print is another popular image.

Also common on veterinary business logos is the symbol of a heart, perhaps to represent the strong bonds that animals and people have. The heart can be a symbol of health as well as love.

Color Choice

Veterinarian logos can be colorful and fun depending on how you want to market the business. Vet logos typically use more conservative colors in comparison to pet stores and other pet related businesses. Darker colors like navy blue and black can give a more serious and reliable impression.

Font Style

There are many different kinds of font or lettering styles that can be used as part of a logo design. The style of font used can also help to enhance the overall message of the logo. Your designer should be able to show you a variety of concepts with a number of different fonts.

Getting a Professional Design

As a vet, your design skills are probably not up to a standard high enough to consider doing your own logo. With a logo being of such great importance you really have to outsource this critical task to the professionals. Using clip art or cheap templates that are sold over and over again to businesses won’t cut it. By taking this approach you will end up with something unoriginal that may even get you into legal trouble at some point in the future.

Luckily there are a number a logo design firms operating online that can create some unique concepts for you that have been created and customized with your business needs in mind. With a custom logo you get a considerable amount of input into the design process at the beginning and along the way.

To ensure that your designer understands the kind of brand that you want to develop you should give them as much information about your clinic as possible. Let them know exactly what kind of services you offer and who your target market is. You can even refer them to some other vet logo designs that you like and they may be able to incorporate some elements of these designs into your logo.

How Important it is to have a Professional Logo Design for your Business?

There are a lot of things that contribute towards the success of a business. Having a good quality product doesn’t necessarily assure the success of a business.

To build a long term impression on your customers, it is vital that you have a proper marketing strategy and something unique about your company. Here comes in the importance for having a custom logo design.

I think it is absolutely important for all corporate bodies to realize the importance of having a custom designed logo. A professional logo design goes a long way to establish the identity and exude the attitude of the company. Now, when we say ‘professional logo design”, we must understand that it is not a child’s play, its a specialist job and better if it is assigned to a professional logo designer. The corporate bodies need to appoint the specialist in the field to get it done. I definitely do understand that its lot of fun to design your own logo; You play with colors, try out your drawing skills and spend some idle time to think what should be the design, at the end you land up with a very common concept of having the initials of your company in some twisted fashion or putting in a sleazy slogan to say your product is the best or some other things like that.

However, that is not how your logo should be, it is not just a small graphics to appear in your business cards and letterheads. A logo, if done properly can leave a long and deep impression on your customers mind. They go a long way in depicting the image of your business. You can well understand, how powerful a logo can be if you think about the golden M of McDonalds–the moment you see that, you know its’ them. Just think about the IBM logo or Swoosh of Nike, do you even take a moment to think, to whom does that logo belong? That shows how powerful impact a logo can create in the mind of your customers. Wouldn’t you like your company to have an equally powerful logo?

A professionally designed custom logo can be very powerful in representing the company profile, the nature of job they do and the attitude of the company. It helps to build the identity of the company and distinguishes your service from your competitors in the industry.

These days its really easy to find a professional logo designer and the best part is that they offer the service at real cheap rates which can be afforded by the smallest of business houses. There are so many logo design firm that offers excellent custom logo designs at unbelievable low rates. There are even companies that would happily do a quality logo for you for just $60-$80. Some companies would even allow you to quote “Your price” for “Your Logo” and they will do it at whatever price you quote. What can be more wonderful than this? Does it really make sense not to have a good logo even when you can have it so cheap?

The good news is, these days the corporate houses have started to realize the importance of establishing their brand and they are acknowledging the crucial role that a company logo plays in this process. The sooner the business houses realize the importance of professionally designed custom logo and stationery the better it will be for them and also for the graphic designing industry.

Excel in Your Business With Corporate Apparel and Custom Embroidered Clothing

Corporate apparel is one of the best and economical branding ways. There are various ways of promoting and branding a company or a business but corporate apparel appears to be very inexpensive and a customer acquiring way. In corporate apparel the logo of the company should be printed on the front, back or at the side of the clothing which ensures the business is promoted by just wearing the apparel of the company. The company that wants the promotion of their items or brand name issues corporate clothing for their employees and also many times these logo t shirts are distributed amongst the staff or the university students which ensures the item to be promoted and popularizes the company.

The corporate apparel is a very good and multi productive way of the promotion. Company gets other benefits apart from popularization of brand name logo t shirts of the company with these. By using this way of promoting items company becomes visible not only to the wearer but also to the people who see them. Corporate clothing are of various types and also available in different styles and colors like, suits, jackets, polos, desk shirt, golf shirt, T-shirt, logo t shirts, etc. By using this promotional item one can retain and even can acquire new customers for the business and services that the company is providing. Apparels have companies’ logos or slogans on them which are designed in different ways and styles, colors.Now a days pens, tea coasters, mugs or mementos are also getting popularity as promotional corporate apparel.

Logo t shirts are put on these items in two different ways one by screen printing and another by heat transfer mechanism. In this world of sophistication, these items are also available as online items with huge discount and in myriads number of choices

Custom embroiders clothing is another way of promoting business but this way is superior to the printed clothing because of its durability and choices. Embroidered clothing are handcrafted item which ensures its high quality logo t shirts and also as a great fashion in today’s corporate world. Custom embroidered clothing is very elegant and ensures sophisticated look to the wearer. One most important thing that one has to take care of while purchasing such items is that threads of the embroidered clothing should be of good quality and it also should match with the image of the company. Threads of the logo t shirts clothing usually made up of polyester, rayon and clothing which ensures the best quality of these clothing.

The Core Ingredient Of Your Brand

Twenty years back, nobody told the evolving and existing companies to have a unique brand identity, the successful ones knew what it is to have an image that beats all – so they followed their instincts and came up with their own signature face called a ‘logo’. A corporate logo is pretty much your company’s first impression to your audience.

It’s your brand introduction. A well designed corporate logo helps brand lay a strong foundation for building a reliable and trustworthy image that helps you won over viewer’s confidence and turn leads into conversion big time. Sadly, people judge a book by its cover and for your brand identity your logo is the cover. Why not use it as an opportunity in the first place?

A corporate logo should be as pleasing as your company’s offerings itself. If you have all the products with the best of quality, superior locations for your stores and amazing employees to kick start your operations but if your corporate logo displays a poor quality design, your brand does not get the repo it deserves to appear reliable and with that all the efforts are just flop.

Chances are that you can achieve an incredible logo if you spend a considerable amount of time and efforts on creating a fool-proof logo design process. Each and every element of your brand logo has a science behind it. Good logos are always well thought out. Each image, font, color, shape, graphics, has a strategic plan that leads to an award winning logo. We questioned many design experts to come up with all the important answers. Turns out the most common thing among all the successful logo is simplicity and right color choice. The less artwork your logo has the more effective it will be. The last thing you want for your audience is to be confused by the complex design of your corporate logo. It’s all about simplifying the message and delivering it effectively. Let’s not forget the importance of colors. According to psychologists colors add meaning to designs, having the potential to convey certain messages to human brain which then perceives the delivered idea. Each color has a certain meaning that gives meaning to your brand name. For example if you own a restaurant that caters to vegetarians only, you would rather pick a design that seems friendly to veg lovers with color green instead of going with a screaming color like red or yellow.

According to consumer psychology, each color that you choose plays a vital role in delivering the meaning of your design. Each color is associated with a certain emotion, a feeling that’s evoked every time a viewer comes in contact with it.

Red in Business – It displays action, high energy and demands attention
Orange in Business – It is the colors of adventure, inspiration and enthusiasm. It shows sociability and suggests affordability.

Yellow in Business- A color of mental clarity that illuminates and uplift our logical side and excites our mood.

Green in Business – A color associated with health, healing and nature love
Turquoise in Business – A Color suggesting balance and excites emotions along with inspiration of good expression- skills.

Blue in Business – A color that promotes trust, feeling of reliability and strength.
Indigo in Business – It is a color of integrity and sincerity. It suggests strong moral values and loyalty.

Purple in Business – Nothing promotes fantasy, creativity and richness better than purple.

How to Fashion Your Business Logo Design?

Are you aware of GAP’s logo disaster? Or Yahoo’s horrendous branding fiasco? Even renowned brands can magnificently fail at the task of designing an impeccable logo. GAP ultimately had to scrap the new logo off the brand’s face, following an unequivocal backlash from the social media. While GAP’s new logo was prettier than the previous one, it somehow managed to miss the mark and lift a ruthless uproar from the followers. Therefore, it is important that the logo must be practical and pretty at the same time.

Human beings are visual creatures. Vision is one of the primary senses that shapes our behaviors and worldview. We absorb gestures more than words and are capable of paying attention to the infinitesimal details that symbols hold. Since our embryonic stages, we learn to interact with shapes, colors and symbols long before we can speak a language. This highlights the importance that a business logo design holds in creating your brand’s identity. It’s the key visual manifestation of your company and has to do two things: Magnetize and Impact.

It can magnetize people only if it’s aesthetically pleasant, whereas, making an impact has a lot to do with how the message has been creatively placed inside the logo; without taking away from its beauty. Take away one element and your logo loses its entire purpose.

It’s a vicious cycle. Unless your business logo design is not visually appealing (pretty), it will fail in inviting the eyeballs. And once they succeed in magnetizing the audience, it has to immediately deliver the message without making the entire impact draggy. If it fails to deliver the message in a short course of time, the initial appealing impact is lost and it might not be able to trigger the similar influence in subsequent encounters. This reduces the memorability rate of the logo and thus the brand recall dynamics decreases significantly. In a nutshell, the practicality of a logo is lost.

For an amateur enthusiast, the idea of making a logo pretty is tantalizing; however a professional designer will always choose to have a strong message, beautifully portrayed in the logo. The idea is to strike a perfect balance between art and science, relativity and accessibility. What remains constant is the clarity of an image for immediate perception.